Craig Mertens exhibition “Ladies & Gentlemen”

Craig Mertens exhibition
“Ladies & Gentlemen”

2023年11月16-17日 // November 16th-17th, 2023
木、金16:00-20:00 // Thursday, Friday 4-8pm 

at peel South (大阪市西区南堀江1-14-14-103)



In his first exhibition, Craig Mertens presented 7 portraits of beautiful ladies. Then in his second exhibition, he introduced 7 portraits of handsome gentlemen.Now in this third exhibition, Craig is bringing them all together. 

In this art experiment, the audience will play cupid and match portraits together to make “art couples.” These couples will fall in love and start a family. How? Craig will paint child portraits based on the colors and features of the portrait couples to create an “art family.”